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Eastern Cape

25 Oct 2011

Peter Campbell

For about 3 years I looked at houses for sale. I would phone to find out the price and then offer R350,000 (which is what I had worked out that I would be able to keep up the repayments on) Everyone told me that I was insulting the agents and owners by making such a ridiculous offer, but I stuck to my guns and continued. One night I said to my daughter " The only way we are going to get a house for R350,000 is if we both have to pray and agree that God will give it to us" The next day an estate agent contacted me and said he had something to show me, but I had to go with an open mind as he had not seen the place. When I walked in I thought "YES", but did not say anything. At the end of the tour I asked how much and was told R405,000 I told him it was a bit beyond my reach but I would try for it. The next day I received the paperwork to sign and found the price to be R395,000. (The agent had increased the price in case I wanted to negotiate) Every single bank turned us down and a friend of mine said he knew someone who went to the same church as him and was now with SA Home Loans. We contacted them and filled in all the forms (once again) and waited, and waited until I had resigned myself to the fact that it might not happen, but I believed God would answer our prayer. Our offer expired at noon on a Friday. At 2pm that Friday the agent phoned to inform me that our loan had come through and the house was ours.

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