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19 Dec 2017

Thanks to SA Home Loans for making my dream come true.

Pinky Phihlela

I am a single mother and owning my own home was always a distant unattainable dream. I managed to clear my debt accumulated from a few years back when I spent two years without a job. I had no savings to speak of because my daughter was in high school and everything was just so expensive. I finally managed to secure a loan from work which I borrowed to clear my name. I waited three months before I could start searching for a new home. We found a house we liked and I made an offer, confident that finance won't be a problem since I was clear on credit bureaus. Not to be though... the major banks, including my own would not finance us and the mortgage originator submitted my application SA Home Loans who agreed to finance the 80%. Luckily I had saved some money meant for my daughter's education and we used that to pay the deposit, the transfer and registration fees. My house is perfect for my small family of two. I had to fix up a bit before moving in but I am content with it now. Thanks to SA Home Loans for making my dream come true.

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