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28 Oct 2011

Preston Naidoo

I spend my entire childhood moving around from out-building, garages and basements as my parents never owned a home, I moved school every year and had no stability. My parents did the best they could for my brother and I, but I knew the one thing I wanted to do for all of us was to one day buy a house that we could call ours and make it a home, so I put all my energy, money and heart into that, and slowly the debt began to overtake my life..... I was about to lose what I worked so hard to achieve, I remember working those 36 hour shifts with 1 thing in mind, now all that was about to be taken away from us. The bank I had my home loan with was not prepared to assist me in anyway, all they did was make me complete endless forms; come into to bank to submit only to say we cannot help you. SA Home Loans, were friendly, they heard me out, they were fast and efficient in approving my new bond, and helping fulfill my lifelong dream, and the best part is that I did it all from the comfort of my own office.

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