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24 Oct 2018

I'm glad I'm inside and not paying rent. My daughter has a home.

Prudence Malane

I had already given up on the dream of owning a home. In 2015 July the 18th, my fiancé was brutally murdered leaving me with a 6month old baby and a truck load of debt. That year we were going to get married and we had already started looking at homes.

My dreams were shattered. His family took everything he owned since we were not yet married. Now, my priority was my daughter and paying off the debt. In 2016 I had a dream, in the dream I was shown a house in Meyerton which was vandalized but every time I would walk into the house I would go into the garage then the kitchen, I dreamt of the house twice. I was under debt review, not even knowing how I ended up there, which is a long story. The more I would pay the more in arrears I would be. I then saw the only option being me leaving my job, getting a pension pay out then starting a new job. The new job was in Vereeniging which was not far from Meyerton. I had resigned, got the pay out, settled all of my debt and saved the rest with my mom.

Once I cleared my name I learned I could get a loan. I then started looking for houses on Property 24 that's when I saw an ad of a vandalized house just like the one in my dream. The advertised amount was what I could afford. I contacted the agent who got me in contact with the developer.


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