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Western Cape

13 Aug 2014

Quinton Barbier

Great news and peace of mind is really what I needed. I was going through troubled times, a terrible divorce and now a single parent having sole custody of three beautiful little children; a 7 year old girl and twins of 4 years old. All they really needed was a place they could call home. I needed to start over, and starting over has two parts of this story. The first was a call I made to Saloshnee Sheik (Executive Property Consultant). I have always received great service, efficient response and professional assistance from her, since the first time I bought a house through her. This was none the less, the exact same friendliness I received when she answered the phone. She went out of her way in keeping me informed, via e-mail and telephonically, of necessary procedures and the progress of my application. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart with tears flowing, for assisting me with my home loan and going the extra mile. The second was when I struggled to obtain finance for the registration and transfer cost. Banks declined; told me that my credit record is too good, and that I don't have enough debt, can you believe that? I needed to make debt to get a loan.....laughable hey. Something just told me to call Saloshnee Sheik. She immediately without hassle sorted it out. On the same day a lending consultant, Kyle Davies, from SA Home Loans contacted me. A sweet natured well informed, friendly and efficient lending consultant who assisted me.

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