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Eastern Cape

07 Nov 2018

Nearly 20 years on, we are still living in our beautiful home

Raleen Cunningham

In 1999 we were struggling to find a bank that would provide us with a homeowner/builder loan. They were simply not interested, and we were very despondent until someone referred us to SA Home Loans. What a change!! The attitude of the people working there was simply, "YES, WE CAN HELP YOU!" I couldn't believe it!

I wearily told them that yes, we owned a plot, that we wanted to build the house ourselves and that it was located a little out of town as it was a small holding. I kept expecting someone from SA Home Loans to say, there was the problem. But no, it was not so. The process was quick and simple, and I told anyone who would listen that SA Home Loans was the answer as they were prepared to listen, whereas the bigger banks only considered you a number.

We began to build our house but not without problems - during the time we built we lived between my parents and my husband’s parents.  Our household belongings were stored at my mom in law where a fire broke out and all we had was burned. Our insurance didn't want to pay us out even though we paid the monthly premium as we had not informed them that the goods were being stored elsewhere. 

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