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23 Mar 2015

Raquel Naidoo

I was involved in a personal legal matter for 6 years over my house and finally won the ownership rights. I battled to get a loan in 2014 even though my credit rating was good. I was confident I could manage my bond repayments as I was paying for the existing bond for 10 years without any default payments. I could not understand why I did not qualify. After several applications to the banks I finally applied to SA Home Loans. They helped me through the process and registered my bond for a higher amount as I advised them I wanted to do alterations as well. I had my house transfer done. They held on to the additional amount until six months had passed to ensure my affordability which I understood. The monies were released to me on application after the 6 month period when I was ready to build. From April 2015 I will have renters occupy the outbuilding and the additional income will help me afford a better car, and pay extra towards my bond. I am very grateful to SA Home Loans for not turning me down and helping me reach my dream. My proudest moment as a single mum was to finally have my name appear as home owner.

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