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25 Oct 2011

Rehana Alias

Do you know how it feels when you search for something and you finally get what you want? Well it kinda goes like this. We were looking to buy a house, been around to see a couple but not what you hoped to find unless you have the moola to build your dream home. Fortunately we didn't need to do that. We found what I would say was the cherry on top. We work in Pinetown and driving home we would see one of your consultants driving, I would assume home in the vehicle that was lit up with the sign SA Home Loans! So I said to my hubby why not give them a try and see what happens. Well it's been a year since we have moved into our home and our kids are loving every moment of it. We could not have been more happy as a family! It's amazing how small changes makes one huge difference. I would like to say a special thank to one of your staff at the Contact Centre, Avinash Tiluk who took us through the process and has given us every bit of assurance that SA Home Loans would come through for us. So thank you to SA Home Loans. You really keep up to your word. I definitely would recommend SA Home Loans. We are busy putting our duplex on the market and would talk to some people about giving SA Home Loans a try. Keep up the great advertising!

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