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Eastern Cape

12 Nov 2018

This entire process was like I was on vacation as all I had to do was sign.

Romalan Pillay

I arrived in East London alone on the 4th of January 2018 to start a job after being retrenched from my previous job in Durban. This new venture quickly turned to a nightmare as I was robbed by the landlord who tricked me into financing their lifestyle. I then rented a very expensive apartment which actually gave me the idea to rather buy, however, I was skeptical to settle down here with no family around. I took a chance and tried an application through an agent then I slowly realized that was a mistake.

I heard about SA Home Loans through a colleague of mine and half-heartedly proceeded with an appointment set up with Richard Pook. My faith was renewed in mankind. Richard was so assuring and also convinced me that I was making the right decision. This entire process was like I was on vacation as all I had to do was a sign. I was surprised with a very good interest rate and more amazingly, it was approved at 100%, even my own bank with whom I was with for 35 years and was an excellent customer with, failed me. This is my first home and I am proud. SA Home Loans not only made my dream come true but also made my Mum and Dad proud of me. My Dad passed without seeing my Home but I'm happy that he got to hear that I was going to own my own home and be a success in East London. I am proud to be associated with SA Home Loans, the DREAM MAKERS.

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