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30 Oct 2011

Rosenie Vallabh

Hi, after 22yrs of being in an abusive marriage, I finally got the courage to get a divorce. My husband told me I will be a beggar in the street if I left him. He took everything from me, somehow managed to fool the legal system. I rented and moved 7 times in 4 years. I could not afford to buy a house. My second last move was last year March, when due to circumstances I was forced to move back into my ex husbands house. It became unbearable and I had to move out, however I was finally in a position to buy a house. I was referred to SA Home Loans by a friend. I spoke to Mr Sashi Singh and he was so helpful. I told him I am living in the same house with my ex husband, he listened to my story with lots of patience and he promised me that he will assist me. I found a lovely flat for the home loan amount I qualified for. Mr Singh did my application and most of the banks turned me down accept SA Home Loans. They also offered me the lowest interest rate. I was very excited and 6 weeks later my flat was registered in my name. Its over a year now and I am so happy and I must say, SA Home Loans gave me back my independence, my pride and my life. Needless to say my ex husband is shocked at the progress I have made. Thanks to SA Home Loans. I now refer everyone I know to SA Home Loans. Thanks.

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