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09 Nov 2015

Rosette Swarts

Wow! Indeed what a horrible experience it was for me. I never endured such countless sleepless nights in my whole life hey. They usually say your bank is your friend in times of need but that statement is absolute not true at all. What a struggle indeed it is to get a home loan through the banks plus they empty promises and the paper work just never get finish and what a waste of time is it. Through all my surcharging I come across SA Home Loans; Wow, i must say what a relieve it was indeed for me they friendly staff I still remember his name, Ashley form the Durban branch who assisted me so nicely - I couldn't believe it myself. He explained to me how they work and only took minutes to check if i qualify. To be honest, he always went the extra mile to keep informing me how far they were with my application. So really from there up until today, I am still thankful and happy with SA Home Loans.

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