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03 Nov 2011

Ruth Sekati

I was once frustrated with one of the home loan lenders that I cannot mention. I was in need of finances but couldnt get any, their interest was as high as 14%, and I couldnt afford it. I then went through the internet to search for the most affordable home loan; it was when I found SA Home Loans. They welcomed me onboard with a smile; the interest was very low by then and was 10%. I grabbed the opportunity without any hesitation. They did transfer and everything for me, on top of that, they offered me with some money to pay for my debts; I opened my mouth even wider with a wow. Right now SA Home Loan have an interest of 7.3%, this is a big savings to all home owners under SA Home Loans. I like SA Home Loans because they cater for all people with different salary scales. I lost a job in 2009, I reported the matter to SA Home Loans and they responded nicely on me until I payed the amount that was outstanding in full, now my account runs very smooth. I am back at work full time and I recommend SA Home Loans as a reliable home loan financial institution. They are not after anyones money but they maintain healthy living and well being of all South Africans. I also recommended SA Home Loans where ever I go. Thank you SA Home Loans.

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