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07 Nov 2011

Sarah Mariah

On the 07 December 2010 my husband and I were victims of an armed robbery at my mums home. My mum had been battling cancer for 2 years and my dad was off work so often taking her to chemo sessions that they did not have much money. Sadly my mum lost her battle to cancer on the 07 October 2011. My husband being the kind soul that he is decided to go to the local Checkers to get them groceries. I remember so clearly telling him with tears in my eyes as we stood outside my mums house with the groceries, how grateful I was to him for opening his heart and wallet to my parents. It was not even 5 minutes later that we were held up by two armed men inside my mums house, they asked us to get on the floor, on our stomach and take off our jewellery and give them our cell phones. The whole time this was happening my husband kept saying take what you want but please leave us alone. Despite all this they shot my husband twice through his leg and got away. My husband was hospitalized and doctors told us he may never walk again and he would spend at least 6 months in hospital. It was here that my experience with SA Home Loans began. I called the call centre and explained the situation to the operator, she put me through to SA Home Loans life department and here that I met a wonderful lady called Sharon Naidu. 

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