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Western Cape

12 Nov 2012

Shameemah Salie

Approximately 11 years ago we purchased our home. Initially our bond was taken out at Nedbank. I could never see my instalments going down and it was tough for a newly married couple to pay the bond on our salary back then. After continuous appalling service at Nedbank, I watched all the adverts of SA Home Loans. Finally after a day when I just had enough, I called Shami Roberts at SA Home Loans and it was one of the best days of my life. I have been with SA Home Loans approximately nine years. I have taken out extra on my bond for renovations. I used my re-advance when needed. The service has always been brilliant. I pay extra monthly on my home loan and can see my bond dropping despite the fact that I utilized my re-advance. I am so impressed with SA Home Loans and when people try to convert me to other banks I laugh out loud because I end up converting them to SA Home Loans. No one can match SA Home Loans, the service, the interest everything is tops. Today I am a mother of five with a family that loves their home. You have made my dreams possible I am very proud being a SA Home Loans customer. Thank you all so much!

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