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25 Oct 2011

Sharalee Cuthbert

I lost my husband and landed up having to get a home loan or be forced to sell our house. I tried various banks but all of them turned me down - their reason was that I had no pay slip. The reason for this is that I work for myself. Someone recommended SA Home Loans and so I decided to give them a try. Thankfully I received a wonderful consultant (Neil Puckeri), who was very helpful. In spite of his baby being very ill and in hospital at the time, as well as his wife being very stressed, he worked through all the technical hiccups with me. One Tuesday morning I received a call from him when he jokingly asked what I could do for his stressed out wife if he could get me the home loan. I replied that I would work on her for the rest of her life! (I am a Body Stress Release Practitioner) He then announced that my home loan had been approved! I was so happy. Thanks so much SA Home Loans for helping me out; I am very grateful.

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