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15 Oct 2014

Shari Fallet

After 3 rejections from 3 different banks, Jonathan and I literally gave up hope and were ready to call it quits. You see, we were living with my parents in a two bedroom flat on their property. Now I know that its more than some people have and we were very grateful to call it home for us and our two daughters. But we were desperate for extra space. Our pensioner neighbours had finally been called and told that a space for them at a retirement village had become available within the next two weeks. We'd had our hearts set on their home for such a long time. And here was our opportunity. It just came around a little too early. We applied for a home loan at three different banks. REJECTED. REJECTED. REJECTED! We'd lost all hope. Then we decided to give it one more shot and contact Kenneth Hana at SA Home Loans. After a short wait we finally received word that our bond had been APPROVED! I literally balled my eyes out at work! I could not believe it. Now we can provide a beautiful home for our family and relieved my parents of some financial strain that we living with them had caused. We are beyond excited to start our new adventure in our very own home. Thank you so much to Kenneth, Mala and the SA Home Loans team. You guys have made dreams come true!

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