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Western Cape

02 Nov 2011

Shireen Scott

Our house buying experience was one of trials, tribulations and terrible timing! The property my fianc and I had been renting in Cape Town went up for sale two months before we were about to leave to Johannesburg to get married. No problem you would think. However to find decent property to rent and that also allows pets are few and far between in Somerset West. I should mention that a week before being told the property was going up for sale; we had acquired a Cocker Spaniel puppy. I also had an old-age pensioner cat at the mighty age of sixteen to take care of! The timing of this news could not have been worse! After deliberation we decided to buy the property we were renting as there was nothing around which we felt ticked all our boxes and suited us as well as our current home. We approached our bank and without clarification we were denied a home loan. This was our lowest point. I was extremely worried as we had no family to stay with if we needed to make the transition between homes and we were due to leave in a month to Johannesburg with the possibility of no home to come back to! What a way to begin our married life? My dad then mentioned that we should try SA Home Loans as he had heard good stories about them. My fianc immediately contacted them over the phone and after sending them all of our documentation we received the happy news two days later that our home loan had been approved! We were overjoyed!

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