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01 Nov 2017

We appreciate SA Home Loans for not giving up on us and more especially having hope in us as a young couple.

Sifiso Bhengu

After I got engaged to my beautiful queen, I was skeptical about renting with her in a flat. We decided to buy a house and have a property behind our names. We applied through all the banks but was only pre-approved by SA Home Loans. Due to low scoring, we were only pre-approved for a lower amount than what we had applied for. We were then introduced to a friendly gentleman called Reg, who advised us to wait for at least 3 months in order improve our score before qualifying for the amount we needed. He advised us to clear our accounts as it would make it easier to motivate for an approval. We used some of our savings together with our bonuses to settle these accounts, which made our festive holidays a bit strenuous due to the commitments we engaged in. As we were browsing through the internet, we saw a beautiful house in an upmarket area. We phoned an agent that same afternoon and fortunately we were invited for viewing. The offer to purchase was signed and the application forwarded to various banks. We still had doubts within us that we may not qualify. All the banks declined us but SA Home Loans didn't! We only had a 10% deposit towards a loan but due to the fact that our accounts have just been settled, SA Home Loans was able to motivate for 90% as opposed to 100% we hoped for. It was like a dream come true and hard to believe this in a sense that during the three months transfer period.

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