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19 Dec 2011

Simenthra Arikum

We were renting this beautiful townhouse for 2 years, and one day we get a visit from a security company advising us that we had to evict the property as the owner was over two years in arrears with his bond. As a family we made a decision to make an offer as this was not just a house but had became our home. Whilst in the process of negotiating with the lawyers and SA Home Loans who were our first and only choice due to their excellent reputation and competitive rates, I was advised by my employer at that time that my division was being closed and we faced retrenchment. I was now in a dilemma do I continue with my offer or lose the home of my dreams. With the tremendous support offered by my consultant at SA Home Loans and professional guidance of their lawyers I continued with the sale, started my new job and I am living very happily in my new home. Thanks to the patient and helpful support of SA Home Loans I was able to buy the home of my dreams.

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