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01 Nov 2011

Simone Vrany

I applied for a SA Home Loans after getting a pre-approved home loan from a different institution, which at the time was a necessity. I was due for my 1st born (at a later age) and my step-father passed away suddenly (two weeks after his grand-child was born and due to visit him), my mother came to reside with me whereby I then applied for a home-loan via SA Home Loans due to their good terms. I underwent "debt review" after a few years (due to financial constraints) and realised that they were taking more than it was worth and negotiated terms of payment with SA Home Loans and kept to my "agreed Payments" (of which I made too many) only to realise "due to good behaviour" my instalments were brought back to my initial bond payments! (what a relief) Thank you SA HOME LOANS!!!!

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