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Western Cape

31 Oct 2011

Storm Hawkins

I am a 25 year old naive property person and decided that I was tired of paying rent to somebody else and wanted to put that money into my own pocket, as they say. This seemed a lot easier in my head than it did on paper. I applied to so many banks and finance companies where I received appalling service and eventually I started to give up hope. I work in the marketing and consumer industry so I am quite aware of how rare good consumer service is in this country. I had 3 days until my offer to purchase was going to expire and things started to look lost. I decided to take a walk in my neighbor hood one Sunday morning and came across a house that was on show. (I claim to this day, its always the smallest things like taking a Sunday walk to clear your busy mind that make the biggest impact) I went inside and got chatting to the estate agent who was selling a house 10 times more than the place I had put an offer in for. I explained to her my problem of not being able to get a bond as my partner works on commission and we both dont have enough debt to our name in which to purchase the property. I will never forget the sentence she said to me after I told her my sob story. I knew she understood me because she too worked off commission and in her eye's I knew she felt my pain. 

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