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26 Oct 2011

Sue Huysamen

My story begins about 8 years ago. I had recently broken up with a guy after many years and I was in a place in my life, where it dawned on me.....Hey! you can't sit around waiting for Mr. Right!, cause Mr. Right has just walked out the door. I needed to stop hoping that a guy could fulfill my dream; by offering me a house with a white picket fenceI needed to do this myself. This way I was guaranteed to get that little white picket fence and the fantastic thing about this is that I was not going to walk out that door and leave..myself. So I took the plunge and found a beautiful old, warm, affordable home in Primrose. It has bay windows, pressed ceilings and wooden floors. However it needed much attention. At that time one for the banks granted me my bond. But a year or so down the line, a colleague told me that SA Home Loans had a super interest rate and if I switched my bond over to them, there would a cash lump sum that I could utilize in order to do some much needed maintenance to my home. Wow!!! This I did and I have never looked back. I have had terrific service from them. I have taken out a 2nd and 3rd bond since, and every time it has been hassle free and they are friendly and efficient. Well Done, SA Home Loans. I am a very happy customer of yours!!! I hope to have many more happy dealings with you in the next few years, until I can pay my house off.Sue

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