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04 Sep 2013

Tash Mikic

My story begins as a fish out of water story. Born in Serbia I moved to this country at the age of 18. I worked day and night to just to help support and feed my mom, siblings and dad. We moved here to have a better life but it seemed as though all South Africa had to offer was pain and strife. As any love story would have it, I finally met an amazing man. He was oriental, with tattoos and long hair but the minute he spoke my heart melted, he truly had me at Hello. Wedding bells followed the birth of our beautiful daughter. I was a waitress and him a hairdresser, together we worked hard to build a life for our child. Life got better, we worked harder and I finally understood why they say that Johannesburg is the Hollywood of Africa. Sadly, my love story came to a bitter end. And unlike a happy ending of a fairytale I was left destitute, heartbroken and alone. It was as though life was against me, but I was determined to give my two children a chance that I never had. I searched and searched until I finally found the one, and no Im not talking about a man, Im talking about a home. I set foot in this house, its every detail so immaculate, so perfect, it was as though the building came alive and welcomed me into its arms. I immediately envisioned my son and daughter making memories here. I knew this was where I was meant to be. All the banks turned me away. Hope seemed as though it was slowly forsaking me.

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