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Eastern Cape

13 Nov 2011

Teresa Vorster

My unbelievable story began in September 2007 when I approached SAHL for assistance. My husband and I were newlyweds and staying in a two bedroom flat with our two daughters in the inner city of East London at that time my mother passed away in December 2006. My parents home was put on the market for a price that my husband and I could NEVER afford. My parents moved into this home when my mother was pregnant with me in 1970, I grew up in this home and never dreamt that one day my own family would be staying in it. We had three good offers for the sale of the home that fell through and the house was not sold in nine months it was on the market. No one in my family thought anything of it at the time we just thought it was not the sellers market. However the strangest thing happened to me one Sunday morning at church, I received a word from the Lord that we needed to purchase the house. When leaving church I told my husband we needed to put in an offer to purchase the house from my late mothers estate. It was a crazy idea as we could NEVER afford a bond because at that time we were only paying around R2000.00 rent for our flat and my husband had recently had his administration order rescinded which was even a greater reason for not buying a home. Our daughters were 8 and 10 at the time we stayed in our flat and never had their own animals or garden to play in. Eventually I got my husband to agree that I would do whatever it took to get a 100 % bond for the house.

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