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06 Nov 2015

Thembeka Bomi

After my husband passed away, I was left behind with 3 boys to raise alone. I was renting a house which I was paying R6000 a month for. It has always been my dream to give my kids a house and provide a home for them, because I grew up without a home and I had to stay with my aunt. I started looking for a house and finally got the house which I loved! I completed an application with an estate agent and he sent it to all the major banks and they all declined me. I remember very well on the 25th Feb 2014, my landlord then sold his house without informing me. I woke up in the morning with a knock from the new owner, who wanted me out. I asked my agent to submit my application at SA Home Loans and they approved me within 5 days! They sent an evaluator to valuate the house I was buying and it was approved after 3 days. On my birthday I was called by a lady from SAHL; her name was Babalwa and she said, Congratulations, your home loan has been approved by SAHL and welcome. I cried as it was on my birthday, the 6th March 2015. Im now young, proud home owner through SAHL and my kids are proud of me. Thank you SA Home Loans.

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