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31 Oct 2011

Tobie & Elzabe Van Rooyen

My husband and I tried every loan institution available, but because my husbands had an outstanding Nedbank credit card, which was paid up in the meantime, nobody wanted to give us a loan. We were so disappointed and did not know what to do. I remembered SA Home Loans, and said to my husband, well we have nothing to lose, lets try them. They took less than a week to decide to give us the loan. We later got convinced by ABSA to take our loan over to ABSA, with a lower interest rate offered to us. This we soon regretted when we wanted to extend our loan to do some improvements to our home. They came with such ridiculous excuses, for example the main reason for not allowing our extension was, that my bank account was dormant. Did not matter what we did, they stuck to their decision, all our debit orders, and our payments are done from my ABSA account. Well we were so upset, we took our loan back to SA Home Loans and nothing anybody say or do will convince us to take it away again. No other loan institution in the country will ever get us to change again; you are the best and will stay the best. Wish you had a bank, because then I will take all my banking over to you people. Well done and thank you.

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