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Western Cape

30 Oct 2011

Trudy Kaschula

Having been in the Bond Market for over thirty years and a client of Standard Bank for twenty years we heard about SA Home Loans through a friend who told us that they were offering excellent rates and also the offer to transfer any existing Bond Holder's Bond at no extra cost. Obviously we wanted to give our Bond Holder the opportunity to match the rate; we applied and waited patiently, but to no avail. We then contacted SAHL and applied to move our Bond and the process was started. On the day of transfer we received a call from our Personal Banker to offer us the same rate and we politely turned him down saying that we had given them three weeks to respond and had heard nothing. And so our long and happy association with SAHL started. Six years ago with our parents having passed away and our children having flown the coup, we were left with a very big home and no one to fill the empty rooms. We decide that we wanted to turn a portion of our home into a Guest House and made application to SAHL to do exactly this. We had to comply with certain criteria which we did and they were very helpful in assisting us with all the necessary documentation. As our client base grew we wanted to do several upgrades and improvements and needed the finance to be able to execute all our dreams and plans, so once again we applied for additional financing. 

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