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31 Oct 2011

Venessa Tegt

My story starts a few years back with my divorce. I applied for a bond at the existing bank and at SA Home Loans - online. SA Home Loans came back to me almost immediately and Faizal Faried talked me telephonically through the application, not getting irritated because I asked stupid questions but VERY patiently explaining every little detail. My bond was approved in little over a week and Faizal kept me in the loop of things I knew everyday exactly what was happening and where we at until the house was in my name. The original bank (where the bond was) only contacted me the day SA Home Loans contacted them for a settlement amount!!! Two weeks ago my geysers pipe burst I contact the Insurance and within 5min my call was logged and a reference nr was send to me. 15 minutes later the 1st Service provider had contacted me for an appointment to look at the damage and 5 minutes after that the 2nd Service providers appointment was made. It took them a couple of hours to fix the problem even though it was not covered by the House insurance (I had to pay cash) but it was worth it the 2nd Provider did his quote and the next day the damage was fixed. BRAVO!!! SA Home Loans!!! (with the previous bond it took me 7-days just to get the assessors out!)

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