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25 Oct 2011

Vengata (aka Vanie) Bessick

Thank you SAHL for believing in me! As a self-employed person, obtaining a home loan is next to impossible! It took me five long years of discipline and an impeccable banking history before I could pluck up the courage to apply... and when I went to some of the well known banks my hopes and dreams seemed to collapse before my very eyes, and despite the excellent record "NO WE CAN'T HELP!" seemed the order of the day... until I went to SAHL. Finally! Someone who believed in me and treated me with the dignity and respect I knew I had earned over the years as a single woman in business, who had her finances under control. I cried for days with joy when my loan was approved, and when one of the well known banks came back to me with an offer... I happily asked them to go and shave eggs" because I am already with the best even though they offered me a lower % interest rate... the cheek of it all to now win my business. I will always remain loyal to SAHL who were the first to believe in me, and who not only made my dream come true, but also that of a senior citizen who was to share this home with me... my Mum! Thank you with all my heart and soul, to the SAHL team!

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