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23 Dec 2011

Vijay Balgobind

My story started in 2001. I was working in Johannesburg and had applied for a job with NBS. In August 2001 I was offered the job of a Financial Accountant. During this time, I had my bond with Perm. When I started to work with NBS, the right thing was to move my bond over to them. However, they declined my application. This is when I heard about SA Home Loans and their 2% discount on home loans. I phoned them enquiring about this and the service was excellent. I then made my application with SA Home Loans all via the telephone. Everything was approved in no time and the only time I met somebody personally was when I was signing the documents. Couple years later, I required a second bond and you know what? Everything was exactly like the first time. No running back and forth. Just a phone call and all was sorted out. Even the meeting place to sign the documents was at my convenience. This for me is world class service.

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