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Eastern Cape

23 Aug 2012

Wendy Schwulst

Dear SA Home Loans, my story goes like this. We were looking to buy a house for about 2 years but did not have enough money at the time. So we kept on saving where we could. We went to look at a lot of properties. Then the day came when we had enough money, so we then decided to buy a house for our family. We had a small house which was 3 bedrooms although it was extremely small. We saw a couple of nice properties but only one had caught our eye. This beautiful 4 bedroomed home. My boys were over the moon when they saw this house; they even had their bedrooms picked out. We then went to the bank and also to SA Home Loans. Well, SA Home Loans came out tops. The staff are so friendly, efficient and on the ball. It took a few days before we heard that our home loan was approved. They made our kids as well as our DREAMS come true. Thank you to SA Home Loans; we are proud owners of our own Family Castle and a safe haven for our kids. THANK YOU SA Home Loans. Mwah

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