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Western Cape

06 Nov 2015

Wesley Dempster

My wife and I had decided that we had out grown our tiny 2 bedroom house and needed to finally buy our own home. We were in two minds however; we needed to decide on the cheaper 5 year plan house or bite the bullet and go for the 20 year plan! At the same time we were trying to fall pregnant. We had seen a specialist during our house hunting and deliberating just to make sure nothing was wrong. The specialist came back and said we were in the clear. We had found our dream home! It was definitely the 20 year plan as it was going to stretch our finances right to the edge. It was literally the absolute most we could afford. So we decided to put the "family addition" on hold until we were able to afford both. We put in a few offers and went back and forth a little with the owner but eventually we signed the offer to purchase and all parties were happy; but the day after we signed the offer we found out we were pregnant!!!!! Just goes to show, too much pressure is not good for you! Anyway, we were now in a pickle, surely we couldn't afford both! If it was not for the great deal SA Home Loans did for us, we would not currently be in our dream home with our beautiful boy! Thank you SA Home Loans. You've changed our lives.

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