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Western Cape

06 Nov 2017

Widaad Rylands

My husband who works at Department of Health, phoned me one day at work and informed me that there were consultants from SA Home Loans calling staff members to come and see them. He asked me if I was aware of it and ''apparently', he said that there is a discount for Government Employees. He encouraged me to phone my Human Resource Department and to do the necessary enquiries because I also work for Western Cape Government. I immediately phoned them and was advised that yes, SA Home Loans have an agreement with the Government and do offer a discount. I immediately phoned SA Home Loans and. Today I have managed to transfer my home loan to SA Home Loans and received a nice discount. Also I managed to ask for a little bit more and I squared up a personal loan as well as all retail shops accounts. I am debt free now except for my bond with SA Home Loans. It was always my dream not to have any other accounts except for my bond account. Thanks to SA Home Loans who made this dream possible.

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