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Western Cape

02 Nov 2011

Willieta Swart

My husband and I got married in 1993 and built our dream house, not a 3-story house with indoor heated swimming pools as you always see on Top Billing, just a normal house, but comfortable for our needs. We took out a bond with Saambou Bank at that stage. During these years the interest rates were very high and we really struggled to pay our instalments. Then the second "disaster" came as a shock when Saambou's doors closed and we as clients were devastated! Where to now? We called a few banks and then decided on SA Home Loans as you were the BEST option, with the best interest rate at that stage and still is! One of your consultants came to me at my workplace for my own convenience. She was so friendly and went out of her way to assist me with all my needs and questions. My bond was approved within a week and my husband and I was so relieved! With your easy-to-pay and reasonable interest rate, we could manage to pay off our bond within 12 years where the normal term is 20 years! We realize that if it was not for SA Home Loans that would never be possible! A year ago, we took a further bond with you to install a swimming pool which is like our own holiday destination during summer months! That would also not be possible without your quick response after I replied for a further bond: within 3 days, the money was in my bank account! The value of our property rose as well, and we are so proud of our dream house and our sparkling swimming pool.

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