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25 Oct 2011

Woodsie Govender

At age 47 taking out a new home loan to buy a new house @ R750K, very difficult or impossible I thought but much to my amazement after consultation with my bond originator I received an approval in principal from SA Home Loans. While the application at one of the other major banks was only loaded for approval almost seven days later. My own bank with whom I have been for 26 years only sent me the application forms to complete and wanted to send out a valuator out the day that I went in to obtain six month's banks statements to forward to SA Home Loans to complete their validations for final approval. I was referred to the bank manager who tried to convince me to give them a chance to proceed further but I declined their offer and went with SA Home Loans for their prompt response and excellent service. Thank you SA HOME LOANS. May your market share grow from strength to strength.

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