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21 Apr 2015

Yamkela Vava

Its harder than ever for families in need of affordable housing to find a home, that's why Mr. & Mrs. Vava decided to take this opportunity to thank SA Home Loans for making this possible. It's been 8 years of renting and until this day we still can't believe that our dream of having a home finally came through. After long and stressful moments of being rejected from other financial institutions, SA Home Loan came to rescue us. We then had to wait longer for bond registration in which the process took over six months, again SA Home Loans waited for this process patiently. We thank SA Home Loans for providing us with such an innovative and flexible consultant Renitta Sewpersad (PMB Branch). One amazing thing we did not anticipate at the start was the fantastic attitude shown by the consultant and her ability of thinking outside of the box. In the business world, knowledge is power. And if that knowledge is not spread right down to the client, then the client finds it easy to vanish and look somewhere else. The consultant was indeed able to share that knowledge to us which was fundamental in creating a long lasting relationship between us and SA Home Loans. I can proudly say, if you meet clients personal needs, this makes a massive difference to the business; in return the company gets great loyalty from its clients. This is what SA Home Loans has achieved. From Mr. and Mrs. Vava Pietermaritzburg

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