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31 Oct 2011

Yolanda Jansen van Vuuren

You grow up with many dreams but as you get older a lot disappear except for one, your dream house which you can call "home". At the same time you are also taught that banks and only banks could help you with these dreams.... until you apply and that gets shattered by either rejections or you are turned away or you don't qualify or whatever the circumstances may be. It could be done in a very harsh manner; you would sometimes walk out and feel discouraged and almost lost, until I met SA Home Loans. You have the WOW factor which I call wonders of working because from the start, dealing with SA Home Loans was a hands-on excellent experience on service delivery. Why? Because you made me feel like a family member and not just "another customer. All my enquiries were treated, respected and they walked the path from the start to the end with me.

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