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19 Sep 2018

I absolutely consider you my family and always will!

Yolande Sinder

Three decades, three different homes, three different sets of circumstances:  SA Home Loans has been my bondholders ever since I bought my first home in my twenties and was able to put down a deposit on a home from an inheritance received at that time from my late father. I was inexperienced as a homeowner, and everyone I asked at the time recommended applying for a bond through SA Home Loans as they had a great reputation even back then for offering the lowest interest rates on bond repayments. I applied for and was granted a bond from SA Home Loans for R128 000 which was the cost at the time of an average three-bedroom home!

Prices of houses have obviously escalated dramatically since then, but what has remained unchanged is SA Home Loans' consistently excellent service over the years. It is for this reason that they are always my first choice when applying for a new home loan as a bondholder.

I have just registered my fourth bond as the sole owner of my third home after an eight-year-long litigation battle with my late partner's family who contested the Will. Through all that time, SA Home Loans, and particularly Thamindri from the deceased estate's department were supportive and understanding of the difficult and sometimes impossible circumstances I found myself in.  That is why I have stayed loyal to the SA Home Loans brand for over twenty years!

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