History Of SA Home Loans


The launch of SA Home Loans to the South African public in February 1999 was perfect timing. Interest rates at 23.5% were at an all time high and ‘saving money’ was top of mind for cash-strapped South Africans. SA Home Loans introduced a dramatically-discounted rate of 19.6%, offering consumers a stupendous alternative.

old-sahl-logoBy 2001 competitors began to take SA Home Loans seriously and, to defend their shrinking market share, were forced to reduce their rates considerably. This created a healthy, competitive environment in home loan financing from which buyers are still benefiting.

In 2003 when the banks’ prime rate dropped from 17% to 11.5%, SA Home Loans ended the year at an all-time low of 9.5% – the first home financing company to offer rates below 10% in over 22 years!

Another major marketing breakthrough occurred in 2005 when SA Home Loans pioneered another first – VariFix, a 20-year fixed rate home loan which can see rates can go down, but never up! This is unique in the world.

While low rates were an initial priority, resulting in rewarding inroads into the market and, more interestingly, significant ‘switching’ of mortgages, SA Home Loans recognised the real need of home buyers to be treated with the respect and attention they deserve.

Buyers resented being regarded as ‘a number’ and made to feel they needed to beg for finance. Providing complementary home loan products such as insurance and bridging finance, and superlative, personal, service new-sahl-logobecame an equal priority. Unlike those who pay lip-service to that overworked phrase ‘we care’, SA Home Loans genuinely cares about its clients.