Congratulations! The birth of a new baby is always a special time for your family. With the new baby come added responsibilities and expenses that will require careful financial planning. This planning however already starts with your maternity leave and important issues to consider at this time include:

1. How long the maternity leave period will be.
2. How much income you will receive during this time and if it will be sufficient to cover your living expenses.
3. Whether you intend on returning to work.

Depending on the outcome of this assessment, you may need to approach your credit providers to discuss whether options are available to rearrange your payments during your maternity leave. A proactive approach will signal to your creditors that you actively take ownership of your financial situation, which in turn may give them confidence to enter into repayment arrangements with you.

If you anticipate that you will require assistance during your maternity leave please contact us on 086 111 3414.