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04 Jan 2021

Home Loans for Single Women in South Africa

As a woman, you already do it all

From being a career mogul, breadwinner, dedicated mom and everything in between – you never miss a beat. So when it comes to getting a home loan, we’ll do the work instead. With us, you’ll get a dedicated specialist guiding you through the entire process, from beginning to end - ensuring you don't have to do it alone.

So while you're working hard for everyone, we'll be working harder for you.

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Around the world, more and more women are doing it for themselves – and getting onto the property ladder by buying their own homes.

Research shows that, both locally and internationally, the single female market is a strong growth sector within the property market. Women are a bigger market than single men and couples in terms of volumes and the trend seems to be accelerating – despite the fact that, on average, women earn less than their male counterparts.

Women are buying homes to provide security, to help build generational wealth and as a wise investment for their financial resources. This can also be attributed to women having a high need for security and stability, particularly amongst single mothers.

Interestingly, women are also considered to be a slightly lower risk than men when it comes to honouring their bond repayments. Women today have better payment profiles than they did in the past because they are now more financially active and financially literate than in the past.

There are more women in the workplace today than ever before, and they’re buying homes, no matter the size of their salaries.

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