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27 Sep 2017

The Ultimate Home Moving Checklist For Hassle Free Relocating

I’m sure you’ll agree: home moving can be as stressful as it is exciting. No matter how much, or little you own, or how far a distance you need to travel, moving everything and everyone you value from one location to the next is a major undertaking.  

Other than discovering how much junk you’ve actually managed to collect and hoard over the years, and then finding enough boxes, adhesive tape and bubble wrap to pack it all up in, what does moving house actually entail?  

At SA Home Loans, we engage with people who are moving house all the time and have developed a handy Home Moving Guide for download to use as a checklist while you’re getting ready for your move.  

Use this home moving guide to remind you of the things you need to do to get ready for moving day. We’ve included extra space on the guide for you to jot down your own notes to help yourself stay organized.  

You can also  click here to download our home moving stickers.  Use these on your boxes to keep track of what you’ve packed and where you’ve packed it for when you start offloading items at your new home. You can type directly into this document to personalise your labels for saving and printing.  

You’re welcome!


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