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1 June 2017

Protect Your Investment With Regular Garden Upkeep

A well-maintained garden not only adds to the resale value and overall aesthetic appeal of your property, you can benefit greatly from it regardless of its size.

Your garden could be regarded as a versatile extension of your home: your kids use it for running around and playing in, your pets claim it as their own, and it’s a great space for entertaining guests on those good-weather days.

When it comes to looking after your real estate investment, maintaining the garden on your property is a must. A well-maintained garden not only adds to the resale value and overall aesthetic appeal of your property, as a home-owner, you can benefit greatly from this outside space, regardless of its size.

The need for regular garden upkeep is an excellent excuse to be outdoors, for some much-needed time away from life’s constant demands and interruptions. Gardens are also a useful medium for educating children about the value of the ecosystem around them.

Why take care of your garden?

Regularly maintaining the garden on your property – by mowing the lawn, watering your flower beds, turning the soil, and trimming shrubs and overgrown trees – also means you’ll be alerted sooner to any potential problem areas that might otherwise go unnoticed. You’ll be able to pick up on the leaking tap, rising damp, blocked gutter or clogged-up drain before it has chance to cause any long term damage.

Gardens also need to be maintained so that the organic growth on a property doesn’t create a problem. If left unattended, tree roots can easily topple or crack a boundary wall, or lift the paving on a driveway. In addition, invasive plants like to establish themselves in gardens and starve out more favourable vegetation, so it’s important to keep an eye out for these too.

Consider going green

Homes maintained with eco-friendly principles in mind are steadily growing in popularity. Many homeowners are looking at clever ways to reduce their environmental impact and save on water and electricity consumption. The sustainably-minded are installing solar-powered geysers, recycling and growing vegetables in their own back yard.

Other green strategies for implementing in your garden include:

  • Setting up rain water tanks, which is an ideal way to reduce borehole or municipal water use when watering your garden.
  • Starting a compost heap in a partly sunny and warm spot in your garden. Use soil, dead leaves, the organic waste from your kitchen, tins and pieces of paper and cardboard to create a rich, organic fertiliser for your plants.
  • Setting up bird feeders: Birds eat slugs, snails, caterpillars and grubs, so inviting them to visit your garden frequently is a natural and pesticide-free way of combating pests that could otherwise destroy your flowers and vegetables.

Even if you live in an apartment, keeping and maintaining a garden, window box or pot plant can breathe life into your space.

Your home and investment

Ongoing maintenance is an important part of home ownership. At SA Home Loans, we know how important it is to keep your home in good condition to protect your investment and maintain its value.


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