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  • Information Technology

    SA Home Loans competes with large banks in South Africa. We rely on our systems for a competitive advantage, driving an unconventional and cutting-edge Information Technology department.

    Our culture is built on learning, diversity and adapting to change at pace. We are highly collaborative in an agile environment, with a focus on engineering and automation to support fast-paced, lean development processes to deliver business value.

    Team members are given the space for self-development through structured learnings such as Pluralsight and mandated non-business-related personal projects.

  • Sales

    The SA Home Loans Sales Department is made up of a central sales contact centre based in Durban, with branches based in key metropolitan areas around South Africa. Our consultants work with clients to understand their needs, providing in-depth knowledge and guidance on the home loan process. Every application is given the best chance of approval.

    Consultants are provided with ongoing training and support to help reach their sales targets and maximise their income.

    Our branch consultants work closely with clients, estate agents and other industry stakeholders to meet the home finance requirements of the surrounding communities. Branch consultants have the advantage of face-to-face service to their clients, providing a high level of personalised service.

  • Marketing

    The SA Home Loans Marketing Department is a small, dynamic team that works closely with specialist agencies to ensuring our brand is effectively communicated across all advertising platforms.

    From our start in 1999 as an unknown brand competing against South Africa’s established banks, SA Home Loans has grown into a respected industry player with an active marketing presence across multiple media channels.

    With the goal of driving origination, marketing supports our sales teams with advertising and promotional campaigns. We create and maintain an effective online platform, while managing our brand reputation and positioning through digital innovation and integration.

  • Client Services

    The Client Services Department attends to all client enquiries post registration of the home loan. This is an energetic, fast-moving environment with robust processes in place. Our staff are empowered, highly-skilled, solution-driven and strongly supported by an attuned Management Team.

    This department comprises of various departments:

    Help Desk Call Centre and Administration team reinforced by a Client Services Support channel which ensures that all requests and a myriad of other specialist tasks are processed within parameters of business policies and guidelines. A dedicated escalation channel, the Client Engagement team attends to escalated complex enquiries and complaints. Our Specialist Coordinator manages the Amazing Service programme while ensuring that all compliments are impartially reviewed, recorded and recognized.

    Our Client Service Centre makes telephonic contact with clients following registration of their home loans and ensures that the information on record are accurate while also encouraging feedback on client experience

    The Further Lending team receives and process all Further Lending applications within service level agreements and appropriate timelines. Further Lending Consultants regularly engage with clients and our Credit Analysts while also attending to administrative functions, document collation and processing.

  • Finance

    The SA Home Loans Finance Department manages all financial accounting processes for the SA Home Loans group. This responsibility is split into financial accounting and client processing.

    Our purpose is to assist SA Home Loans business managers with accurate and relevant financial information. Key components include ensuring information is correctly and consistently represented and shared in a usable and automated format.

    Finance also provides business managers with tools and assistance with interpreting the large volume of information available into meaningful outputs.

  • Credit

    The Credit Department is the gate keeper of credit risk for SA Home Loans. Our purpose is to provide personalised, measured risk assessment that ensures the long-term profitability and sustainability of the business.

    The role of the Credit Department is to impartially assess all loan applications for SA Home Loans. We make a considered, measured, consistent decision in each case, working within the credit policy framework.

  • Human Resources

    The SA Home Loans Human Resources department has progressed from a transactional model of work, into a transformational model. Our journey of transformation is ongoing, and we continuously strive to achieve world class people practices and an employer of choice status. With the introduction of contemporary HR methods, we are focused on building foundational blocks that expand the scope of HR interventions.

    HR functions include:


    Rewards and Benefits management

    Learning & Development

    Talent Management

    Talent Acquisition (Recruitment)

    Organisational Development


    Employee Relations

    Reporting & People Analytics

  • Risk and Compliance

    The Risk and Compliance Department consists of 3 divisions: Risk and Internal Audit, Forensic Services and Legal Compliance and Governance.

    Risk and Internal Audit

    This division provides a standardised strategic and operational risk management methodology and process, validated to be effective while meeting industry risk management standards. It is also responsible for specialised operational risk management processes, such as business continuity management.

    Forensic Services

    This division consists of two teams:

    Internal Auditing Team

    The role of the Internal Audit Team is to provide independent assurance that the organisation’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

    They achieve this through an objective assessment of the risk management and internal control framework, with systematic analyses and evaluation of business processes and associated controls.

    Forensic Services team

    The role of the Forensics Team is to perform fraud investigations and take the appropriate legal and corrective actions. They are responsible for fraud prevention and fraud awareness with ongoing education of staff in the fight against fraud.

    Legal, Compliance and Governance

    This division has three main functions: Legal, Statutory Compliance and Company Secretarial and Governance.


    This team provides advice to the business on legal matters, while providing contractual review with detailed scrutiny of all contracts within the business. Any contentious issues are communicated to the relevant department for negotiation with the contractor.

    Statutory Compliance

    This team ensures group compliance with all relevant and applicable legislation across all applicable provisions. They review all new draft legislation to determine applicability to the business, and to identify areas which may be impacted.

    Company Secretarial and Governance

    This team manages appointments for Directors, makes changes to company and trust documentation.  They also share transactions, and ensures that Directors are armed with sufficient information on legal and governance matters. Taking minutes and maintaining the statutory registers, resolution and minute books all fall within their scope.

  • Registrations

    The Registrations Department monitors and assists with the loan and bond documents, while measuring the performance of the attorney panel.

    The registration process begins after a loan is granted and a letter of acceptance has been signed. The bond documents are prepared by a conveyancer, then lodged for registration. Once registered at the deeds office, legal ownership of the property passes to the purchaser and the loan amount is disbursed, creating the loan account. The attorneys are in direct contact with the client during this process to ensure all legal documentation and requirements are processed correctly.

  • Loss Control

    The Loss Control Department is responsible for the monitoring and follow up of accounts with outstanding payment obligations.

    The department is made up of five divisions:

    Pre-legal, Foreclosures and Operations, Debt Counselling, and Recoveries and Estates. The Pre-legal division is made up of 3 sub-divisions: Early Collections, Client Assessment, Client Liaison and Pre-legal Admin. The recoveries division manages Debt Counselling and Recoveries. The Estates Division handles deceased estates, insolvent estates, death, and disability claims. The Foreclosure Division is made up of 3 subdivisions: Facilitation, Undefended and Defended. Finally, the Operations Team manages all fee matters, valuations, service providers, sell assist, and debit orders.

  • Facilities

    This service division is driven by the SA Home Loans business requirements. Our objective is to provide the most cost-effective infrastructural services to the organization. At all times, we adhere to the underlining philosophy of delivering amazing service.

    This division is an enabler of sustainable enterprise performance through the management of productive workplaces. Our responsibilities include facilities operational services, occupational health and safety management, vehicle fleet management, insurance of company assets, security management, mailroom services, project management, and hard and soft services.

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