Estate Agent Guide to Fast Bond Approval


We understand that applying for home finance can be time consuming and frustrating for both you and your clients. You need to get an approved bond for your client, so your client gets the home they want and you secure the sale.


To help you to meet your clients’ needs by helping you meet yours. This means offering you professional expertise and personalised service to make sure you clinch the deal.


SA Home Loans is dedicated to home finance. We’re SA’s only specialist home loan provider. It’s all we do and we do it well.


  • Our consultants take personal ownership of every application given to them.
  • We make sure we understand the deal before submitting it and then follow it through the entire approval process. A computer won’t make the decision on your application, a human will.
  • We’re fast. And we’ll keep you in the loop at every step with regular feedback.
  • Our consultants are able to personally motivate all exceptional Client challenges / exceptions with the credit department. Every application is considered on its own merits and isn’t rejected automatically.
  • Our consultants are happy to meet with you and your Client in order to better structure and motivate an application.
  • Understanding the industry and market place allows us to respond swiftly to changes
  • We are able to pre-approve your clients. This allows you to introduce clients to properties you know that they qualify for.
  • We offer competitive interest rates, with 100% bonds to qualifying clients.
  • We offer fantastic deals to Government employees – a substantial market in the industry


Once you have the Offer to Purchase, we’ll consult with the client to understand their financials and get all the documentation required to ensure a speedy approval process.

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Whether buying, switching or refinancing a home, your client will be guided through these steps to complete a home loan application.

Step 1: Application

As soon as you have the signed Offer to Purchase, contact your SA Home Loans consultant or closest branch – we’ll contact your client to get the application completed without any extra work for you.

Step 2: Provide the required documentation

We will liaise with your client to obtain all the necessary documents in order to process the application without any delays.

Step 3: Credit approval

Our credit team will now complete the credit assessment. If this is all in order, your client receives notification of approval of their bond application. This is subject to completion of the valuation.

Step 4: Property Valuation

We will arrange an appointment for an expert appraiser to value the property . They will speak to the owner or estate agent to arrange this.

Step 5: Letter of Acceptance (LOA)

Once the credit approval and valuations are complete, we’ll prepare a home loan proposal for your client detailing the costs, interest rate, indicative instalment and other important information to evaluate and sign.

Step 6: Conveyancing

Our national panel of Attorneys will prepare all the necessary bond registration documents and make an appointment with your client to sign them.

Step 7: Lodgement

Lodging the bond registration is the next step and will take place after your client signs the documents at the Attorney.

Step 8: Registration

Registration of the bond at the Deeds office will take approximately 8 – 12 weeks.


We know you work hard to close your sales and, while we all celebrate when the client’s bond application is approved, the last thing you want to find out is that your buyer hasn’t planned for the costs of registering the bond. Don’t worry, we have this covered! We have an innovative product to bridge the transfer costs, even if the home loan is not funded by SA Home loans. With Transfer Assist, we make sure your approved buyer doesn’t fall short.


Through a partnership between the DPSA, PIC, GEPF and SA Home Loans, we’re able to provide special home finance opportunities to government employees. We offer excellent home loan deals as well as finance options for government employees who would like to buy or build on communal or family land with no title deeds, or other properties that are not able to be bonded. <link to GEHS page>

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