How your bond with SA Home Loans works

Managing your  bond with SA Home Loans – how it all works

Congratulations! Your home loan is registered and you’re now a part of the SA Home Loans family.  But our commitment to assisting you doesn’t stop with the registration of your bond. We value our clients and our company culture is deeply rooted in providing Amazing Service to you throughout the life of your loan.

We’d like to help you to make the most of your investment – by providing you with information about how it all works, so that you can better manage your home loan and use it as the powerful financial tool that it is.

Download our electronic guide to ‘How it all Works” to learn more about:

  • How your home loan interest rate is calculated
  • The JIBAR rate and how it applies to you
  • Our home loan interest rate review dates
  • The Home Loan protection products you’ll need
  • What to do if you ever want to sell your property
  • And much more.

We’ve also included important details for who you can contact at SA Home Loans with any of your home loan related queries.

How it all works guide