Benefits of switching

SA Home Loans is the first mortgage specialist to offer property owners an alternative to bank bonds. Over 100 000 clients later, we have proved to be an innovative, money saving solution that enables you to switch your home loan, hassle-free.

Home financing tailored to meet your needs

A property with a mortgage should be seen as an asset, not a burden. At SA Home Loans, we can show you how best to benefit from this investment using innovative ways to manage your finances. These include home financing solutions to help you regain control through:

  • Refinancing your bond
  • Taking out a second mortgage
  • Accessing the cash available in your current home loan

Switch your bond to reap maximum rewards

Contrary to popular belief, moving your bond to a different credit provider doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. In fact, a switch can save you money. If you’d like to find out how your bond could be working harder for you, it’s time to talk to us. We offer competitive interest rates and the kind of service that comes from being specialists in our field. Home loans are ALL that we do, so we do it well.

Furthermore, our home financing solutions may:

  • Be adapted to suit your needs
  • Give you access to the equity in your mortgage
  • Lower your risk to bond providers
  • Reduce your monthly installments
  • Improve your cash flow

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Refinance your bond to improve your lifestyle

The value of most properties increases over time. Therefore, if you’ve owned the same house for years, it could hold a considerable equity in its value. When you refinance your bond through SA Home Loans, you gain access to this cash reserve and may also qualify for a lower interest rate and monthly installment. What’s more, extra money means greater opportunities to meet your needs or realise your dreams now.

If you aren’t managing your mortgage through us, you might be finding it difficult or expensive to access funding. We can help you get your money when you need it most, with no hidden costs or penalties.

Consolidate your debt for added benefits

Home loans can also be refinanced to help you settle costly short term debts. By doing this, you can use your extra equity to pay off credit cards and personal loans, while enjoying the same interest rate on all of your outstanding debt.

You should still pay off the consolidated loans over the original term. However, you’ll be paying a lower interest rate, saving you money and making your credit profile a lot healthier.

Get quick access to your home equity

At SA Home Loans, our services aren’t governed by the rules, red tape and high interest rates of banks and most other mortgage lenders. Instead, we prefer to ensure that successful applicants receive their cash within 72 hours of signing their agreement. You no longer have to wait for registration at a deeds office.

In addition, as we specialise in home financing, we’ve dedicated time to research what customers need most. That’s why our mortgage solutions are designed to cover all of your requirements, including homeowners insurance, bond protection and personal loans.

Discover the art of efficient property finance management

We are not a bank, and we don’t treat your mortgage like an old-fashioned millstone. Instead, SA Home Loans prefers to work with you, creating a special partnership that provides you with an array of benefits. In this way, you can regain control over the wealth which accumulates on your property with expert guidance from our professional team.

If you’re not already one of our clients, we invite you to share in this partnership with us. Effortlessly switch your home loan today or simply speak to one of our specialist consultants for an obligation-free introduction.

Contact us on 0860 2 4 6 8 10 or make use of our switch calculator to assess how much you could save by moving the bond on your property from your current bond provider to SA Home Loans.

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