Benefits of switching

SA Home Loans is the first mortgage specialist to offer property owners an alternative to bank bonds. Over 100 000 clients later, we have proved to be an innovative, money saving solution that enables you to switch your home loan, hassle-free.

Home financing tailored to meet your needs

A property with a mortgage should be seen as an asset, not a burden. At SA Home Loans, we can show you how best to benefit from this investment using innovative ways to manage your finances. These include home financing solutions to help you regain control through:

  • Refinancing your bond
  • Taking out a second mortgage
  • Accessing the cash available in your current home loan

Switch your bond to reap maximum rewards

Contrary to popular belief, moving your bond to a different credit provider doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. In fact, a switch can save you money. If you’d like to find out how your bond could be working harder for you, it’s time to talk to us. We offer competitive interest rates and the kind of service that comes from being specialists in our field. Home loans are ALL that we do, so we do it well.

Furthermore, our home financing solutions may:

  • Be adapted to suit your needs
  • Give you access to the equity in your mortgage
  • Lower your risk to bond providers
  • Reduce your monthly instalments
  • Improve your cash flow

Clients who move their home loans to us can almost immediately access up to R75 000 cash upfront to consolidate their short term debt – there are significant benefits to paying off additional debt and “consolidating” it into a single home loan repayment. Complete your switch application today!

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