Buying and moving checklists

Here are 2 handy checklists to help you remember everything you need to consider in the exciting process of finding and moving into your new home!

Buyer's Checklist

At SA Home Loans, we can take the frustration out of the bond application process by making sure you find the best option for you. But we can’t do anything about making sure you’ve chosen the right home – so it’s up to you to do the homework on your new home. So take time to visit your new home a second time, and look at it rationally and logically. You want to make sure you’re making the right decision and that the home you’re about to buy is structurally sound and suits all your needs.

Download Buyer's Checklist

Mover's Checklist

Moving can be quite stressful! It’s a big upheaval, especially if you’re moving towns. Proper planning and a comprehensive checklist will help to make your move more organised.

We’ve also provided you with printable stickers for your boxes – with one page of editable stickers so you can have the sticker read what you need it to. These are set up for A4 printing for your convenience.

Download Moving Checklist

Download Moving Stickers

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