30 Year Home Loan

Minimise your monthly instalments with this bond, calculated over a longer term.

Our 30 year home loan is an amortising, variable rate product which offers greater cash flow flexibility due to a lower instalment. This enhanced affordability is particularly helpful for home buyers at the beginning of the life of their loan.

Here are the benefits of and criteria for our 30 year amortising loan:

  • Term of 30 years.
  • Interest rate is variable and tailored to your risk profile.
  • This product is only available to clients purchasing a new home but not to clients wishing to switch their existing bond.
  • There are borrower age criteria: maximum age at grant is 45 years.
    In-house insurance options are available: bond protection and home owner’s cover.
  • It’s important to understand that, because of the longer term of the loan, the total cost of a 30 year home loan will be higher than a 20 year bond.

For example:

 Term of loan Home loan amount Indicative Interest rate Monthly instalment based on 10% Total cost of loan
30 years R1 000 000 10% R8 776 per month R3 159 258
20 years R1 000 000 10% R9 650 per month R2 316 052

The above amounts are indicative only.

Terms and conditions apply to all products. The availability of lending products is subject to our credit policy as amended from time to time.