Edge Home Loan

Pay the lowest instalment - only the interest - for 3 years before reverting to a standard amortising loan, allowing you to afford the home you really want.

Here are the benefits of an Edge home loan:

  • Ideal for clients who want to buy ‘up’ now – knowing their income will grow to match their repayments.
  • Pay the interest only for the first 36 months – the lowest instalment possible.
  • At the end of 36 months, the loan reverts to a standard variable loan over 240 months, with all the same benefits and features.
  • No capital payments at the end of the term – your home is fully paid off.
  • You still have the flexibility of paying off capital in the first 3 years if you choose (for example, by fixed monthly debit order), reducing the capital balance and thereby saving you interest.
  • Unique in the market – no other home loan product offers these features and low initial installments.
  • In-house insurance options available: bond protection and home owner’s cover.

Terms and conditions apply to all products. The availability of lending products is subject to our credit policy as amended from time to time.